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About Magnotherapy

Bioflow magnotherapy


About Magnotherapy

  • The powerful field of the magnet is thought to improve circulation, ensuring that a greater number of oxygen carrying red cells and healing white cells of our immune system reach every part of the body. As a result this reduces pain and swelling, increases the supply of nutrients to the affected area and in turn helps the body heal.
  • Any form of therapy that improves circulation and helps the blood detoxify is of huge benefit in the anti-inflammatory and healing process.
  • Magnotherapy has been used for centuries by humans and animals to aid healing, alleviate pain, improve circulation and help with many other conditions including arthritis, sports injuries, poor circulation, high blood pressure, skin complaints, fatigue syndrome and general aches and pains. It is reported that Cleopatra wore a small magnet on her forehead to preserve her beauty and youthfulness!

Central Reverse Polarity  our unique technology

  • Our magnets use a strong, multi-directional force of magnetism called ‘Central Reverse Polarity also referred to as CRP, to mimic the expensive professional equipment used by physiotherapists. Molecules that exit a CRP field are more efficient than those produced by standard magnets.
  • This CRP technology is patented to us and no similar method exists.
  • Our magnetic products are produced using the highest quality neodymium magnets, the strongest type of permanent magnet known.
    Bioflow  products are also credited as a Class 1 medical device.


    Bioflow testimonials

     Tue 23/10/2012
    I have tried many alternative therapies over the years including magnets with absolutely no results. The "Bioflo Bracelet" has proved to be a very different experience and you feel the results so quickly.I put my bracelet on Friday morning.  That night I found it much easier getting up from the lounge and commented that my right knee had hardly any pain and the left which is the really bad one had lost the continuous pain and felt warmer.The next morning realised that I had gotten up out of bed easily and did not need to support myself until all the "joints" settled into place.Another 24 hours later I had a lunch date with friends and then shopping in the afternoon, I wore HEELS ALL AFTERNOON!!!!! That's the first time in well over 6 months.
    As a dog groomer my back suffers every time I bath a dog.....................not any more.
    Also I haven't been waking up through the night with pins and needle in my hands.I have now been wearing my bracelet for 19 days and couldn't be happier!
    A little side benefit...........there was this girl's night out recently and the Bioflo Bracelet girl (me) had a little more cheer than normal. No headache or queasy stomach for me.....
    Nanette  Carter 


     Thursday, 25 October 2012
    I have been wearing my Bioflow bracelet now for one month. I have been having to wear a splint on my hand at night to assist with carpal tunnel syndrome.
    After three nights, I decided to go without the splint, and was pleasantly surprised to find I had no numbness, burning or pins and needles in my hand. I have not worn the splint since and have experienced mild numbness only on occasion.
    I have also noticed that after a week or so my hot flushes were drastically reduced. I was having on average six a day, but now some days I am flush free!!.
    I've had tendonitis in my foot for a month, and after a couple of weeks of wearing my bracelet the pain was greatly reduced, it has now finally resolved itself.
    I would highly recommend this product. I don't normally write testimonials but I truly believe in this.
     It has relieved my pain and discomfort, it looks good to!!
    I will continue to wear this bracelet all the time!!
    Sharon Rice  

  • For more testamonials please click herehttp://www.bioflow.com.au/testimonials.asp


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