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Ceramic Handbuilt Baby Flying Frilly Lizard 3

Ceramic Work

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by Carolyne Brennan

Flying Frilly Lizard Baby 3

Code: BFFL3
Product: Baby flying Frilly neck lizard   Designed & Made by Carolyne Brennan
Colour: black and white on a terracotta clay
Decoration: sgraffito (carving) slip trailed
Materials: ceramic
Size: Medium approx 170mm in length
Quantity: 1
Price $250
Shipping: please contact carolyne for details carol@hotdotdesigns.com.au




  • these Lizards are one of my favourites to make, they tend to take on a personality all of their own in the making stage.
  • Every lizard has an individual look and style no two are the same. A tail may be off to the left or the right. A head may be slightly turned or on an angle. I tend to let the clay have its way.
  • have been making them for over 25 years so they tend to take on a form all of their own.
  • They fit comfortably in any setting indoors or out and are a great conversation starter.
  • They can be hung on the wall and look amazing when hung with all three sizes and or a mirror and platter or plate.
  • All Flying Frilly’s are finished off on the underside with a layer of black foam which allows them to be on any surface with no fear of scratching
  • Flying filly’s are all handmade, with labour intensive decoration of painted and slip and trailed work.
  • The Decoration is applied onto the raw clay surface, before firing occurs which leaves the work vulnerable for breakages at all stages; many hours go into the making of these beautiful lizards.

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