HDD is a leading independent education facility, for students wishing to learn the art of fashion jewellery making and designing – operates from private studios in Killarney Vale the on the beautiful Central Coast

With established Professional Australian Artist and Designer Carolyne Brennan
Over 30 years experience in the Fashion Jewellery Industry

Then have a serious think about taking a class or workshop with Hot Dot Designs School of Fashion Jewellery!
It’s easy with the right teacher

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At Hot Dot Designs School of Fashion Jewellery, you will have options to add to your repertoire and skills in creative arts and jewellery making!

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All projects designed by HDD (with the exception of Certificate work) for professional based learning outcomes, students are encouraged to put their energy into the work with the techniques acquired that is appropriate for their individual skill level.

These pieces demonstrate the passion and commitment of the students, who have worked hard on both construction and design on their term projects, and deserve recognition for their great achievements.
As their teacher, it is a pleasure to assist and guide each one on their journey.

HDD students are a fabulous group of like-minded women, willing to open themselves to learn and share.
This is not simply about jewellery or beading, each student is in an individual who works hard in their everyday Life.

We all need down time and an opportunity to fulfill that uniquely human need – so often neglected – to express yourself CREATIVELY!

So come on a creative journey at Hot Dot Designs School of Fashion Jewellery,
You never know where it may lead you!!