Gee where do I start on my ceramics work you can check in my Bio for more info Exhibitions & study with my Ceramic and Art Journey, it’s so long and varied!
I had my first lesson with Clay when I was 17, and I fell in love with this magical, sensual tactile messy material that came from mother earth.
And from this mud you could create so many magical things..things you could wear, things you could eat off, things you could cook with.
I needed to know more.


I no longer do my larger Ceramic work due to rheumatoid arthritis in both hands & sometimes its just time to move on.
I still make my flying frilly’s, but not so often. I make ceramic beads- pendants and fused glass pendants. The same amount of work goes into the smaller work as does the larger Gallery work.


this owl does not come with this frame                

Click on these links to view my handmade Ceramic beads, pendants, & dichroic glass pendants
Ceramic Beads
 Dichroic Wearable Art Pendants & Cabochons

I now put all my energy into teaching at Hot Dot Designs School of Fashion Jewellery which I established in 2003 .


I run Ceramic and Dichroic glass fusing workshops which are all Jewellery related.

see classes & workshops pages

I have learned so many things in my 30 years + career as an artist and I love to share the knowledge..the ups the downs, as I believe you have to have the downtimes to appreciate the up good times.

Nothing is learnt without mistakes, but there are some mistakes as a beginner that you do not need to make.
Come and take a creative Journey with Hot Dot Designs School of Fashion Jewellery.
where you will come to appreciate all that a Jewellery experience has to offer in beauty and textures.

if you have any questions please contact us, we would love to hear from you, or we can chat about your needs CONTACT US NOW