Carolyne Brennan

Carolyne Brennan


From the catwalks of Paris to creating a global jewellery school. Carolyne is an expert when it comes to creating iconic jewellery to help you be the talking point of any event or dinner you go to. Accessories are an untapped resource when it comes to dressing yourself and reinventing an outfit.

Go on a creative discovery with Carolyne and create your own stand out pieces.
Make timeless jewellery out of your pieces sitting in your cupboard as they are crying to be seen. Don’t fall for cheap imitations that barely last a season.

Do you want to know how to make STAND OUT FASHION JEWELLERY? 

Are you tired of buying cheap jewellery only to find it only lasts a couple of wears before something breaks? Not to mention the global waste going into landfill. Jewellery reflects your personality and it can change the way you feel when you put that special piece on. It is a work of art.

I am passionate to teach my own secrets so you can WOW friends and family and create a special piece you will be proud of.

Whether you want to create for yourself, start a business or as gifts. It is all possible and starts here. This is the first step and a raw beginner can start and make professional pieces from the get-go.

What makes this course different is I have designed a special kit that goes along with the video training that allows you to understand the placement of your materials & why they are used.

Hi, there my name is Carolyne Brennan and I am going to be your mentor for the next 3 modules of the silk knotting course.

This course can be done at your leisure, but don’t leave it  too long or you will lose your momentum

I have in recent time dressed many catwalks and collaborated with some of the most talented artists and designers, this has allowed me to grow.

My courses and workshops have been a launching pad for many success stories. it gives me such a thrill to see students soar to get heights. and now I can reach more students with my online courses.

See you on the inside and get ready to learn some great techniques AND make some fabulous Jewellery!

I am here to help you! See you on the inside 

Carolyne xx


It comes with KITS!! 
All you need to make this stunning Silk knotted Jewellery will be sent to you…so I will need your email and full address where to send your kits so you can start this Fabulous Creative journey!

There is so much more you are going to learn!
1.  Why I have designed these jewellery pieces & how you can use my techniques for choosing the right materials to design & start your next creative project. ( if you get stuck with this, remember I am here to help you!)

COURSE INCLUDES – 5 VIDEOS – kits for 3 stunning pieces of Silk knotted Jewellery+ PDF’S – Knotting tool – 2 clamps 

(All Kits will be sent) includes postage 

Welcome  – Teaching you how to navigate the lessons and use the kit you have been sent.

Module 1 – Learn how to create a silk knotted long fashion resin necklace using my special techniques.

Module 2 – Learn how to make a silk knotted shorter choker necklace with a different finishing technique.

Module 3 – You will learn how to make a silk knotted freshwater pearl bracelet and the great thing is you will have everything you need to make it. Including a couple of extra pearls. How cool is that?

You will learn different finishing techniques for all 3 silk knotted pieces of jewellery!!


HDD fabulous Students TESTIMONIALS 
Let these images INSPIRE YOU!!!
They all started with this course!!

Hi thoroughly recommend the Silk knotting course !! It’s a must for every jewellery enthusiast ?A skill is all you need. It’s quite honestly the best class I’ve ever taken !! I’m addicted to knotting if you can’t get to the class do yourself a favor and do it online !!! You will never regret it.
Moria Duigan Armstrong

I have had the privilege to experience many of Carolyne’s workshops including her Silk Stringing & Knotting. Carolyne’s willingness to shares her vast & valuable knowledge allows all her students to be able to create a beautiful piece of high-quality costume jewellery.  I would highly recommend the Silk Stringing & Knotting plus all Carolyne’s other workshops to anyone who would like to experience a great sense of personal achievement.
Lynette (Grasshopper)

I can highly recommend this workshop, It would have to be workshop one of the most enjoyable workshops I’ve completed.
It’s relaxing to do and portable. When I go away I take a knotting project.
When I travel I buy beads from that country then silk knot a necklace as a memory. I can repair a sad looking necklace simply with some silk knotting. I would come to class @ Hot Dot Designs and make several colours of the sometimes same project as I just loved the simplicity of the outcome.
I certainly now have a serious continuous regular pattern of knotting
!It’s great!!
Pennie Wilson

I totally recommend the silk knotting workshop with Hot Dot Designs!!! It was a really creative experience that was fun and allowed for the development of a skill that I continue to enjoy, and use, in my jewellery making endeavor. Great for all skill levels too.
Karen Sarmiento
I thoroughly enjoyed the silk knotting workshop I did at Hot Dot Designs. Carolyne is a great teacher with lots of experience, and after doing this workshop, my head was spinning with ideas for future creations. There are so many things you can do with silk knotting – you can create so many looks depending on the materials you use. I also found it very relaxing, & enjoyed sharing the experience with a great bunch of ladies. I’d highly recommend Carolyne’s Hot Dot Designs silk knotting workshop and would love to do another one.
Sharon Rice-Stevens

Just loved the silk knotting workshop. Very clear explanations by Carolyne Brennan. It was great to complete several projects in the workshop. After the workshop, I make the same projects again at home. I was very pleased with the jewellery and they are pieces that I choose to wear over and over. Now, I just love making jewellery using different colour silk thread and beads types. I would highly recommend this excellent workshop.
Carol Marshman

Stringing & Knotting Workshop
Thank you so much Carolyne,
I truly loved the class and everyone involved. I only wish I lived closer and could come more regularly. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, it was a marvelous and nurturing environment, and I can’t wait for my next class.I told everyone who would listen about it and have worn my necklaces every day since I made them.
Lee Lee

The Silk Knotting Workshop is a must skill to be added to anyone whose interest is making Jewellery. With the number of Silk colours combined with product colour the combinations are endless and definitely enhance design skills. To receive a lesson from Carolyne is an amazing experience. She is always happy to share her years of knowledge with those who have a thirst to learn. If you’re looking to add a new skill or wish to improve on what you know the Hot Dot Designs Workshops are a must do. They have certainly made a difference for me.
Nanette Carter

 Stringing & Knotting Workshop
I loved loved loved the workshop!
I just want to string knot, string knot string, knot…. can’t wait till the next workshop
Kristine Pobi

When I started silk Knotting I just loved it. Carolyne Brennan teaches you the way she knows best, and a teacher who never gives up and is always willing to help and you can never ask too many questions. I still do silk knotting today.
 Gianna Carrusca

What can I say this is one of the most interesting classes in jewellery I have done.
You will always achieve in the end a beautiful piece.The colours of silk that you use can definitely enhance you piece.
You will always leave a workshop with beautifully finished Jewellery.
Carolyne is an outstanding teacher helping you all the way.
Lorraine Rattray

Silk knotting is one of my favorite workshops and techniques.  The versatility is amazing from Pearls to Resin to  Gemstones they can all be silk knotted. Carolyne is such a great teacher who makes sure everyone gets repeatable results. Love Silk Knotting!!!
Linda Ritchie

I’ve done the silk knotting and I just love it. Thank you Carolyne.
Vicki Rapp

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