Apoxie Sculpt Epoxy Clay Bronze 46gm


Apoxie Sculpt Epoxy Clay Bronze 46gm
I call this the wonder product.
I use it for all my work and have done for years!
A wonderful colour pallet can be attained when mixing colours.
Check out our workshops. 
Using Clay Sculpt..they are fabulous! Online course coming soon!!!

Apoxie Sculpt is a non-toxic, two-part sculptural epoxy ideal for creating jewellery designs.

Combining the sculpting benefits of clay with the adhesive power of epoxy, Apoxie Sculpt epoxy secures flat back and Chaton crystal rhinestones for sparkling jewellery creations. Also adheres to cabochons, crystals, glass, plastic, metal, wood and more.
This mouldable compound has a long, 1-3 hour working time with 0% shrinkage.
Mix equal parts of the epoxy for two minutes, or until thoroughly combined, to create a putty-like texture, then shape, roll, mould or sculpt into your desired finished form. After 24 hours, Apoxie Sculpt self-hardens and is fully cured for a permanent and waterproof finish with a semi-gloss look. Embellish wet or dry with paint for additional creative styles.
Easy soap and water cleanup.

Freeze-thaw stable for extended shelf life.
Apoxie Sculpt is non-hazardous and non-flammable.
If Apoxie Sculpt hardens before use, microwave for 2-3 seconds to soften.
 Made in the USA.

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Apoxie Sculpt Epoxy Clay Bronze 46gm