Fabulous Lime & Pink /gold lustre brushwork


Fabulous Lime & Pink /gold lustre brushwork
Handmade &; Decorated Ceramic Designer Bead Pair perfect for earrings

Clay: White E/W
Glaze: Lime & pink with crystal breaks
Brushwork: Gold Lustre (22-carat gold) decorated on both sides
Fired: 1100 in an electric kiln
Weight: 6 grams
Size: approximately 15mm
(please remember these are handmade, not machine-made beads)
Decoration: Sgraffito (carving) embossed altered layered shapes done on the raw surface of clay; which allows me to achieve subtleties textual variations & movement. Gold Lusted brushwork done on the 3rd and final firing.


My work is designed & made by me, Copyright © Carolyne Brennan – Hot Dot Designs Est:1986 I have 4 studio’s (ceramic/glass/silver & jewellery) and use solar power to fire my Ceramics & Glasswork

I reference my work as Mini Works of Wearable Art, I use the same techniques on my beads as I do my larger gallery work.



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Fabulous Lime & Pink /gold lustre brushwork Ceramic beads
Handmade & Decorated Ceramic Designer Bead Pair Perfect for Earrings