Online Course – Learn How To Create 3 Amazing Pieces of Standout Jewellery


Are you tired of buying cheap jewellery only to find it only lasts a couple of wears before something breaks? Not to mention the global waste going into landfill. Jewellery reflects your personality and it can change the way you feel when you put that special piece on. It is a work of art.

I am passionate to teach my own secrets so you can WOW friends and family and create a special piece you will be proud of.

Whether you want to create for yourself, start a business or as gifts. It is all possible and starts here. This is the first step and a raw beginner can start and make professional Silk Knotted Jewellery pieces from the get-go.

What makes this Silk Knotting course different is I have designed 3 special Jewellery kits that go along with the video training that allows you to understand the placement of your materials & why they are used.
It’s a Fabulous course!


Learn How To Create 3 Amazing Pieces of Silk Knotted Standout Jewellery