WigJig Olympus-Lite Wire Jig


WigJig Olympus-Lite Wire Jig

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WigJig Olympus-Lite Wire Jig
This less expensive version of the Olympus has a smaller work area but the same size pegs & spacing as the Olympus.
This was done intentionally so that you can interchange existing Olympus accessories- Super Pegs & Spiral Maker-with the new Olympus-Lite.
. Made of aircraft-quality acrylic, it is clearly the best entry-level jig on the market. All Olympus accessories work on the Olympus-light. Holes are approx 3.25mm apart horizontally, and approx 1.95mm apart vertically.
Wire Jigs are wonderful for making bent wire shapes to incorporate into your jewellery designs.
Each jig has pegs which you can set into various arrangements to make all kinds of designs.

I would encourage you to use 3 step zebra pliers for constancy with make loops for starting on the jig.