Zebra V Cutters


Hot Dot Designs introduced the
“ORIGINAL” Zebra Print Jewellery Tools to
Australia in 2006

Zebra V Cutters
Hot Dot Designs by Carolyne Brennan Original Zebra tools V cutters
If you are making jewellery for hours at a time, then this is the tool for you

  • Easy on your hands
  • Design minimizes muscular tension in repeated use
  • Comfort grip non slip ergonomic handles
  • Little pressure is needed to grip your work
  • The Zebras are designed for use with either hand
  • Made of high quality brushed steel
  • With box joints and spring release grips.
  • Precision made pliers
  • Purchased separately, or save by purchasing a full Zebra tool set in a fabulous zip purse to store and protect them

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